I need to transfer some videos from my PC to this phone via USB but whenever I hook it up to my computer there is no option for mass storage and thus I can't transfer anything. Does anyone know the settings from where I can enable mass storage mode on Lumia 610?

anonymous commented Jan 5, 2013

my nokia lumia 610 does not connect to other mobile phones or pc by bluetooth "not suported"
if any posetive  answer so please anwer and solve this problem

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This is the worst phone system i have found, it is not practical, not a logical things, stupid phone.


i understood how the phone works when I bought it and knew that it does not connect to other phones via bluetooth I was just taken back by the fact that it does not have reliable usb connection and when you download zune you also have to pay for the songs there in order for you to get them I paid enough money to buy it I cant be forced to pay to get songs in my phone for me nokia did not do such a great job with this one.

anonymous commented Aug 6, 2013

you can download songs for free for nokia lumia 610 what i do is go onto my computer and search www.mp3skull.com and download them from there



mannnnnnnn windows is sucky

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