Anyone tried Viber or Tango on their BlackBerry Z10?

Can any BB Z10 user please confirm whether Tango or Viber apps are available for this phone or not? I have a lot of friends and family on Viber thus would like to be sure before making any commitment to buy it. If you can, please also suggest other great video and audio call apps for this phone. Thanks

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right now it doesnt have but expected to come soon

anonymous commented Feb 18, 2013

ooVooo on BB Z10 compatible with all devices:  FOX NEWS VIDEO - http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/2157526973001/.  Also, google any app and make screen icon.  This way, Tango is installed by you and you have a screen icon.

rick commented Jun 29, 2013

When any date



Well, a lot of money for what? For the brand? Bleah...
I have ALLVIEW P5 smartphone and i can tell you: it's AMAZING!!!
First of all it's dual SIM...GPS It's working PERFECT (in 30 sec. i can use my iGo), wifi (tethering, hotspot), allstuff of app(viber,tango, a.a.)...So, what you prefers? Utility or brand?;)))It's up to you...;)

gregory rass commented Nov 18, 2013

I like to sure tango yes I do



BlackBerry z10 its ****......mmcsnt Skype tango or viber???????????



How can I download the app TANGO on BlackBerry Z10 ???

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