Can I use Wi-Fi on Nokia Asha 200?

Am planning to buy the Nokia Asha 200 in about a week. Would like to know if I can hook it up to my wireless router for free browsing with Wi-Fi.
Thank you

3 Answers


Sam Points1220
Nokia Asha 200 does not support Wi-Fi.
If you need a budget Nokia Asha with Wi-Fi and a QWERTY keypad, go for Nokia Asha 302.


Coly Points580
You can also try the good old Nokia C3. It supports Wi-Fi and has almost similar features with the Nokia Asha 200. Last time I checked, the prices of the two phones did not vary much.

anonymous commented Dec 1, 2012

Nokia Asha 302 is the best Wi-Fi feature phone, totally lovin it


swami Points110
i also want to know

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