Can Micromax A89 Ninja be upgraded to Jelly Bean?

I have massive battery drainage problems and heating issues with my Micromax A89 Ninja especially while playing games or using the web browser. Is there any news from Micromax about fixing the many bugs with ICS in this mobile? I especially want to know if Jelly Bean is on the way.

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I believe 512MB RAM is too low for Jelly Bean. Even for ICS to run smoothly, it needs about 1GB RAM.

Another thing, Micromax is not know for rolling out software updates for its line of mobile phones. I highly doubt they will be making any future plans for Android Jelly Bean for its Micromax A89 Ninja.

anonymous commented Jun 2, 2013

if 512 mb is two low then the micromax released jelly bean update for a110???

ayush commented Jul 24, 2013

Its correct....


At any point of time you can check the Realtime RAM usage and Android has got a pretty good memory management system. The heating problem is because of the firmware handling of the CPU, by default only one core is enabled, till it reaches 100% utilization the other other core becomes active. Probably the developers wanted to save battery by keeping the 2nd core off. However it actually makes it worse. The solution is to ''root" your phone and install the "MTK6577 CPU GOVERNOR" app. Check if rooting voids the warranty - Sougata

anonymous commented Apr 26, 2013

Download MTK6577_governor_switcher_v18.apk from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2186957 and install. No need to root. Change the governor switch to ON DEMAND setting and both cores will work. heating problem will be minimized. I have installed it without rooting.

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