Viber not supported on Nokia Asha 501?

Any ideas whether Viber app can be installed to this phone? am considering buying it next month or a Samsung Galaxy Y Pro or an LG Optimus L3.

The Androids support Viber OK but I haven't come across Viber for Asha. I prefer the Asha 501 more so will be willing to wait for all your answers on this issue.

Let me know guys

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Will.Am.Not Points210

Yes, am also waiting for this man. When Asha 501 gets released next month it won't be supporting Viber or WhatsApp.

Nokia says eBuddy, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are already developed for the phone but Viber and WhatsApp might be coming out in Q3 (September - December) of 2013 and not next month when the device becomes available in the market.


Masterofhungary Points370

Of course go with Nokia Asha 501 for longer battery life and fluid operation. Budget Android phones like Galaxy Y Pro and Optimus L3 will just hold you down with poor battery life and sluggish processing.

Nokia Asha OS is a very new platform so there aren't a lot of apps available especially for their flagship device. Nokia is however ready to work with developers and share revenue from apps, so am sure it will be the next hot all over the world.

DotJar commented May 12, 2013

Very true! Even with just 64MB RAM, Nokia Asha 501 is faster than any budget Android phone but if you need even faster performance, add a few coins and get a budget Nokia Lumia phone!


DotJar Points330

Viber runs on Nokia S40, iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS. Since Asha 501 natively supports Java MIDP 2.1, it should have no problem at all installing Viber.

BTW, Viber is supported on most Asha phones including Asha 302 and 309, no need for a special platform to run it.

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