How can I change the IMEI number on my Samsung Galaxy?

Can we change the IMEI number on Samsung phones using an app? is there an android app that can do this? am very curious to know please answer fast I will vote up the best answers

Jager commented Jun 2, 2013

May I ask why someone would want to change their IMEI number?

madurai commented Jun 2, 2013

Just for experimental reasons, am in the mobile engineering field

Jager commented Jun 2, 2013

Haha OK, Goodluck

2 Answers


Gpocket Points180

Thats mission impossible bro...


Sammy Points170

But I have managed to change IMEI numbers on china mobile but its not possible on authentic branded phones like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, iPhone e.t.c. There is nothing you can do other than change the complete motherboard.

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