Where is the file manager on Nokia Lumia 520?

Can someone help me locate the file manager on Lumia 520? And how about Bluetooth, can I receive files from other devices and store it in my SD card? This phone is very confusing please advise on what to do

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missundertaker Points115

I also looked around but couldn't locate the file manager. I then read on some forum that this function is not supported on Windows Phone including the high end ones like Lumia 920.

I have however managed to transfer movies from an android phone and played them on my Lumia 520 through the video player, the whole process was pretty much straightforward.

There is absolutely no problem with Bluetooth operations only that the received files can only be accessed by their respective programs.


dana Points135

I would recommend Kirik SD File Viewer from Windows Store. It isn't perfect but the only one right now.

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