How to change from 2G to 3G on Samsung Galaxy S3?

My Galaxy S3 is still new and don't understand why internet connection is always on EDGE. Been fumbling around, where can I locate the settings to switch to 3G? This is my first android phone so guys be polite with your answers. Tx

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Karen Redillas Points115

Most Galaxy S3s will switch to 3G whenever available and drop back to EDGE in areas without coverage. Have you ensured your area is covered by 3G? Please do and if it is, follow these steps to enable both edge and 3g access on your Galaxy S3. Note that you may experience a significant drop in battery life but on the bright side your speeds would be amazing for video calls, downloading e.t.c.

Menu > Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks and ensure the box after "Use only 2G networks" is not ticked.

You data connection will now disconnect and reconnect automatically to 3G if available.

anonymous commented Dec 16, 2014

My settings menu is very different from what you described


i try it no luck it is a samsung s3 from sfr not moving from 2g help me

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