Is Temple Run coming to Nokia Lumia 625?

Am very excited about this mid range Lumia 625, hoping to get myself one when it launches in September! One question though, will it support Temple Run games? I find myself playing casual games to unwind after a long day studying!

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Kaybee Points115

Of course just like other high end WP8 smartphones it does support Temple Run! Its right there on the homescreen tile, next to Whatsapp...

Lumia 625 Temple Run

Joesph Jean P commented Jul 27, 2013

I thought Temple Run was only available for Lumia phones with 1GB RAM and above? Please educate me



Temple Run requires at least 1GB RAM to run on Windows Phone, I wonder how Nokia manged to get it running on Lumia 625 hmmm...Probably its the oldest version of TR - the only explanation that makes sense.

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