Galaxy S4 made in China, Vietnam or Korea?

I window shopped different stores and all the S4 smartphones were made in different countries i.e Korea, China or Vietnam. Most of them are made in China then a few made in Korea and Vietnam ones are rarer.
Am confused, which country produces the best quality? A colleague suggested I should go with the made in Korea, what do you think?

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milan Points165

You won't really notice any differences at all since all Samsung products irrespective of the country of origin go through the same rigorous quality check to match international standards. Nevertheless a little research won't hurt, you could spend a few more days scanning forums looking for common problems like overheating, hanging, restarting issues e.t.c and determine correlation between these issues and country of manufacture.

I used a China made Galaxy S2 for over two years and didn't give me any sort of problem. If I were to upgrade that Galaxy, I would go for a Korean made because there is greater discipline in production where the mother company is... (arguable)


BrittJersey Points150

If its any Samsung product, go for the one made in Korea! There are subtle differences in build quality among these three products trust me. The ones from Korea are the best value for your money.


Larrysk Points205

Made in Korea screams of more quality than Vietnam or China

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