Can Nokia E5 use Viber app to make free internet calls?

Can I make free calls and send text messages with Viber app on the Nokia E5? I have seen the app available for Nokia Symbian phones but I want someone who has specifically used it on Nokia E5 to confirm if it works.

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this app dosen't work on nokia s60 3rd edtion and nokia e5 is s60 3rd edition but it works for all other type of nokia expect with s60 3rd edition

anonymous commented Apr 25

that means viber is not available in e5 and will not cause i have e5 model  2


oh mann..... Then any alternate for this phonee i tried skype... Not logging in...  then i tried nimbuzz. Its working bt no voice at calling... I wanna call to saudi arabia from pakistan... And now people saying viber will also not work...!!! Im using simple data celular internet... No 3G; NO Wifi please tell any solution... :(


no ans to give cause every one know that viber doesnot work in this model of nokia so to confirm my ans i have logged in inn this website and now i have got my ans....thank you......!!!!

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