How to create group contacts in Nokia Asha 305

I have been fiddling with my Nokia Asha 305 trying to create groups for my contacts. E.g Family group, work group, friends group e.t.c.

Anyone who knows how to go about this?

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Me too, just bought Asha 305 3 days ago & m trying to add groups for forwarding msgs, but I m unable to! I dont think Asha 305 has this feature, coz usually groups can be created from 'contacts' tab in all mobiles and this ph doesnt hv that option in contacts settings. I tried creating a new msg n adding multiple contacts. It just takes u to ph book n gives u checkboxes to select multiple contacts, which further confirms that u cant create grps in Asha 305. U hv to choose multiple contacts every time.
I m also facing other basic probs in this ph, like I cant choose which memory to display in ph book, whether Sim or Phone memory. It just doesnt give us that option in contacts settings. By default, it displays contacts from both places.
Also I m unable to copy or move my SIM msgs to d 'Inbox' in ph memory. Neither can I copy or move msgs from Inbox to Sim. By mistake, I archived 2 msgs and now I cant move them back to Inbox!!

Also diff msgs from one person r grouped together as one msg or conversation, even though its not a conversation since it was not replied to. It is a new msg, a diff one, yet shows as one msg in inbox.

Usually new phs hv good features from previous phs, plus something new. How can they just take away such functional features. I m disappointed with this ph! :( Rs 4230 wasted!


I am also fade up with Nokia. Coz they don't support enough. And you are right, new phones have good features, even better. New phones don't omit previous good features. I am planning to change one with Samsung that have better options with same price. Hope that solves the problem. Good luck.



u can download a group sms app.
this sw is for nokia asha 308/309 but also work in 305 :)

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