Is WhatsApp supported on Nokia Asha 205?

I want to get this phone when it gets out in a few weeks time but I need to know first if there are any reports or reviews that show that it can run WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the only chat application I use and therefore it will be totally sad if I buy this phone and learn that it doesn't support it.

Warm regards,

anonymous commented Dec 27, 2012

@bak sir, i hope u are sure that this asha 205 is compatible for whatsapp as on whatsapp's official site there are no news about it.
im very keen on buying a fone and for whatsapp so plz can u tell how did u make out that it supports whatsapp?

Bak commented Dec 27, 2012

Hi, I got the info from this YouTube video done by Engadget


Donkelly4christ commented Jun 14, 2013

I felld so sardonic when i went and bought my Nokia asha 205 dual sim, and come to realise that it does not support whatsop

anonymous commented Jun 25, 2013

I have a link that install whatsapp on your asha205 dual sim..i have found it...nd i think no one knows this...im also a asha205 dual sim user...i rocked..:D:p

suleiman commented Jul 24, 2013

can u tell us how we can install whatsapp in our phone dual asha 205

pragati commented Nov 6, 2013

how u download whatsapp

subela commented Dec 29, 2013

give me a link that can support me to download whatsapp directly on my dual sim asha nokia 205 ..

lebza from sbk commented Apr 25, 2014

i want to download whatsapp on    nokia asha 2055 but i don't know how eish people help me hle

aseem commented Jun 2, 2014

could u jus gime de site plzz

carus commented Nov 28, 2014

peopl help me im unable to open whasapp,give me a link or somethig that might be helpfull

Your name to display (optional) commented Jan 26, 2015

Give me a link that can supprot whats on nokia asha 205 dual sim

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the dual sim version does not support whatsapp, so be carefull what you buy.


Bak Points2265
The single SIM version of Nokia Asha 205 comes preloaded with WhatsApp but you will need to download it on the dual SIM version.

anonymous commented Mar 3, 2013

from where to download it???

anonymous commented Mar 16, 2013

how can i download whatsapp on my asha 205 dual sim i need a reply to know weither it supported or not.

anonymous commented May 18, 2013

me too im using nokia asha 2055,when i try to download not supported......iesh driving me mad

anonymous commented May 29, 2013

Bro i am using nokia asha 205 today i hv download whatsaap and its working.... :) just downoad its jad file

anonymous commented Jul 12, 2013

heloooo i use a nokia asha 205(single sim) nd it doesnt come wif whatsapp... i dunno wot 2 do cuz i wanna use whatsapp.

rocking himanshi commented Dec 22, 2013

me too curious to knw wheather it is supportd or nt in nokia asha 205

Angry commented Feb 13, 2014

The sales lady at pep stores said nokia 2055 supports watsap but she lied.gonna sue pep

Anza commented Oct 27, 2014

Get a memory card and copy the whatsapp from any other nokia asha thn paste iton the memory card insert the memory card on ur phone thn copy the whatsapp from the memory card to your phone....


But does the dual sim version even support whatsapp in the first place?

anonymous commented Mar 18, 2013

All dual SIM mobile phones whether Samsung, Sony or Nokia won't support WhatsApp. Choose your Nokia Asha 205 wisely, you might have some lack using Whatsapp on the single SIM version but definitely not the dual-SIM one.

Source: Experience


Young Carther Points110
I have tried it and it hasn't. Infact, am not just happy!


Bak Points2265

WhatsApp is now compatible with both single SIM and dual SIM Nokia Asha phones
You can read more about that here: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/whatsapp-now-available-for-dual-sim-nokia-asha-phones-335795



Bought Asha 205 dual SIM three days ago, whatsapp not working. For the first time am very disappointed in nokia products!

Akash commented Jul 12, 2013

Bro i gv u link follow it from ur nokia asha 205 it will download whatsapp and it will run also..


Josephinr Chepkoech commented Jul 17, 2013

Whats app for Dual sim Asha 205 set to be out by end of August. Still under development

anonymous commented Jul 17, 2013

Thanks Akash it works like a charm!

Akash commented Jul 18, 2013

My pleasure buddy..

Lindy commented Aug 23, 2013

Hi can anyone plz help me with link to download Whatsapp on Asha2055.

Trudie commented Sep 16, 2013

Akash you beauty! Thanks to your link Whatsapp is working perfectly on my Nokia Asha 2055!!

anonymous commented Sep 17, 2013

didn't work for me.......Asha 205....any solution...need WhatsApp asap.

vee commented Dec 18, 2013

Thanx it worked



dident work in asha205 any solution i miss whatsapp guyes



take another phone of same platform i.e. java but compatible with whatsapp(like nokia x2-01). copy whatsapp app and folder to the memory card of other phone. take out the memory card and put it in nokia asha 205. open whatsapp and it works. if u copied whatsapp from a friend's phone then delete the previous account and establish new account in ur phone(asha 205) and then in ur friend phones. Now both phones are compatiable with whatsapp.
U may encounter the error that ur store doesnot opens. but u can remove the memory card and then use the store.
this would surely work and even i have done the same.

THis method also works with nokia asha 206,200,201.... :-)



my mobile asha 205 can not supported the whatsapp how can use whatsapp?


This is my first time using the asha dual sim 205 please how can i whatsapp to function?

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