Nokia Asha 311 hanging problem

My Nokia Asha 311 sometimes hangs without any reason. I try to press the power button but the condition doesn't change. Yesterday, it hanged twice in my hands and I had to remove the battery and restart the phone to bring it back to normal.

How can I permanently solve this problem? Today it has hanged thrice while browsing the net on Opera Mini :(

anonymous commented Oct 1, 2012

ya...i am also facing same problem.....It  hangs when i put to charger ..
is it able to resolve by software update???

anonymous commented Oct 19, 2012

i also face this hanging problem in my nokia asha 311 give the solution .................

anonymous commented May 29, 2013

Asha 311, have become an head ache for me. It was only 6 months before I bought. It was very worse mobile ever i used in my life. Some time I feel irritation, when I am not able to make a call due to hang.

1 Answer


My Nokia Asha 311 screen freezes and becomes non responsive as soon as I plug the earphones(came with box pack). Only way to revive it is to re-install the battery. But often that wouldn't help.

Prince commented Jan 13, 2013

even i am facing the same problem.my asha 311 hang several times.sometime the icons shifts down and a blank space occurs in their place.when i press the blank space it hangs again.it also hangs when i plugin my earphone.

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